10 Apps to Boost Your Small Business

Being a businessman, I am always looking for innovative ways to boost up my business. I also have a keen interest in learning newer technologies so that I can use them effectively in my day-to-day business activities. Mobile phones or more precisely smart phones have reduced the tediousness of most of the jobs we do regularly. Starting from a remainder to planning an entire business outlay, smart phones have come up as a savior in each and every field.

Mobile Apps

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In my blog, I would like to tell all my readers about a few of the coolest apps that have actually transformed the monotonous trend of business in my life.

1. Google Drive – Starting from keeping a record of some data to maintaining spreadsheets and saving folders in the cloud, everything can be saved in this drive. All you need is a Google account and you are all set to store thousands of data. Even if your phone is having storage problems, try saving your favorite photographs in the drive and enjoy all of them at one place!

2. Square – If you are person who is always on the move. Try installing the ‘Square’ app in your smart phone. This app will help you to make all your credit card transactions seamless without even charging you a single penny! Isn’t that cool?

3. Asana – A very good app for people having a complicated work schedule. It lets you to manage and scrutinize all your works as per the schedule so that it is easier for you to use and apply in everyday life!

4. LocalVox – Are you new in a business territory and looking for options to build a foothold in the market? Well, LocalVox is just for you! It enables the users to use click-of-a-button and avail news publishing, announcing deal and post/re-post in online channels easily.

5. Bump – With reigning 28 million downloads and still counting, Bump can help you to exchange data with the bump of two smart phones! What can be easier than this?

6. Evernote – A must-have app for persons on the go. If you have complicated day-to-day schedules then opt for Evernote to keep the details of all your schedules at a single place!

7. FormMobi – A virtual clipboard to fill and edit all your forms on the go! Now record audio and pictures with this app as well!

8. TripIt – For a mobile person, this app is the best! Lets you gather information about places you travel and also get road maps and nearby hotspots!

9. Expensify – Now keep a track of your business mileage and expenses with this app, with just a click

10. InDinero – Keep a track of your day-to-day finances with the help of InDinero. Also, sync your accounts and credit cards at a single place. Everything under a single roof!

I Hope you will benefit from one or all of the above apps.


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