My Experience at Symphony Hall, Birmingham

My landing at Birmingham was smooth and Ayushman was quite happy. I decided to spend the first day at Birmingham in the hotel itself. It was a very tiring journey and I didn’t feel like going anywhere on the first day. But I wanted to make sure that I make the rest of the days at Birmingham special for all three of us. So one the second day I planned for a trip to the Symphony Hall.

Symphony Hall Birmingham

Symphony Hall Birmingham | Image Resource :

This hall is one of the widely used podiums for cultural and organizational get-together. I had heard of this gigantic hall having a capacity of 2262 persons. It was a delight when I finally managed to reach there with my wife and son. In England, the place is mostly used for concerts, typically of the rock, pop, folk, countryside, jazz and classical type. There are different events arranged on each day in this hall. It provides a very wide space for the people to gather in and enjoy a cultural evening with family.

The history of the making of this magnificent hall is also very rich. It was built in the year 1991 with a whooping cost of 30 million pounds in those days. It is being maintained alongside the Town Hall and provides a lot of space for recreational activities in England.

Symphony Hall Birmingham Interior

Symphony Hall Birmingham Interior | Image Resource :

We were allowed to get inside the hall and there was no concert organized on that day. We could enjoy a very fine time inside as there were no restrictions imposed upon us. Thus, we could roam freely inside and view each and every part of the hall. The intricate designs in the hall reminded me of the classical art form of India.

There is a certain acoustic flexibility in the hall, which makes the volume to be heard by every audience present there. The hall is built intelligently so that people sitting at any corner would visualize the center of the hall clearly. Intelligent building also includes the reverse fan walls installed within the hall, which make the sound to be reflected back. This reflection of sound makes the sound to be heard clearly in turn.

My day at the Birmingham’s Symphony Hall was ecstatic and I thoroughly enjoyed it!


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