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The Ultra Luxurious Visit to the Electric Cinema in Birmingham

My day spent at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham was truly delighting. It was my second day stay in the city of England and I was trying to make each and every day filled with amusement and some learning. Ayushman was equally excited as I and my wife was enjoying her time. It was a very long time when we last went on a vacation together. I wished my parents to accompany too, but they wanted to stay back.

The second day at Birmingham was already scheduled and there was a plan of visiting the Electric Cinema. It is the oldest cinema center of Birmingham, which started operating in the year 1909. On the date of 27th December, the first silent cinema was played in this hall. The history of this old cinema center is full of name and design changes.

Electric Cinema in Birmingham

Electric Cinema in Birmingham | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

The theater was first known as the Electric Theater and since its inception it has undergone number of name changes. Finally, the name Electric was given to it in the year 1993, which is in use till now.

The current usage of this cinema theater is in the field of sound recording and cinema. There were different kinds of cinemas being played in the past, out of which few were cartoon shows in the late 1950s. Further the cinema hall was taken over by an entrepreneur who renovated the entire building and introduced newer forms of art deco in its architecture.

We bought three tickets into the cinema. I would say that we were lucky enough to have got a few seats in the luxury class. There were sofas in this class, which were padded with cushions and proper back rest.

Inside Electric Cinema

Inside Electric Cinema | Image Resource : thejewelleryquarterbirmingham.co.uk

There was a lot of room for leg spread and I made sure that drinks and food were provided to us during the time of cinema. I usually prefer things that are aristocratic and here it was the matter of a chance which was given to us once in the lifetime. I didn’t want to miss any of its luxury.

My second day spent at the cinemas was truly amusing. The English film, which we watched at the oldest theater of England, will be remembered forever!


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