National Sea Life Center – The Excellence of Architecture in Birmingham

What could have been more amusing than holding a bowl of popcorn in your hands and sipping cool juice with the other and watching a movie at the oldest theater of England? The day two of my stay at Birmingham was so amusing. In the Electric Cinemas, I could feel the originality of architectural magnificence of the British during the 20th century. I was a happy man that day and I want to keep the same feel for the day three as well.

So it was the third day of our stay at Birmingham and it was time for some of my son’s favorite creatures. Ayushman is fond of aquatic animals and loves their exhibition. He always keeps himself busy near the aquarium at home set up by me. So I was really glad that I was taking him to the National Sea Life Center on the third day.

National Sea Life Center

National Sea Life Center | Image Resource :

The National Sea Life Center has an exhibition of over 60 display centers where both marine and fresh water aquatic organisms are found. It has a huge collection that boasts its richness through the different species of aquatic organisms present in it. A few of these are reef fishes, lobsters, green sea turtles, otters, horseshoe crabs, sting rays, sea turtles, aquarium fishes, blacktip sharks, etc. A few rare species of aquatic animals can also be seen inside.

Inside National Sea Life Center

Inside National Sea Life Center | Image Resource :

The presentation made inside the National Sea Life Center is worth applauding. There is a deep broad tunnel within the center that goes round and round within water and from where one can see and visualize the sea animals. There is a sea horse breeding program organized within the tunnel which exhibits rare varieties of sea horses.

The entry fees into the National Sea Life Center is $17 per adult and one can see many things and discover novel facts about aquatic animals. As the center is present at the Brindley Place in Broad Street of Birmingham, it is accessible by transport media. There were plenty of food stalls and shops opened around the National Sea Life Center which made our visit more exciting. We relished English food in one of the restaurants and came back to the hotel.


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