Birmingham Central Mosque – A Place for a Peaceful Mind

My day spent at the Aquatic Museum in the National Sea Life Center was awesome. Ayushman loved his time and it was more than an achievement for me. My wife is also fond of aquatic organisms and it was a true delight for her as well. After spending a wonderful time at the National Sea Life Center, it was the time for some religious activities.

I am fond of Islam and I love to know more about its culture and different rituals in this religion. Although it is not possible to visit a mosque always, I planned to make a trip to the Birmingham Central Mosque in the city, which is considered to be one of the auspicious places of England.

The Birmingham Central Mosque was built in the year 1969 and was opened for the visit of public in the year 1975. The building of the mosque is one of the finest in the cities and visitors from all over the world, irrespective of their religion come to visit this mosque. One of the unique things in the mosque which grabbed my eyeballs was the trend of maintaining records.

Birmingham Central Mosque

Birmingham Central Mosque | Image Resource :

There is a Guest Book in the mosque, which is signed by each and every visitor who visits this place. People have been giving their reviews and valuable feedback with their signature underneath since 1984. I was truly amazed to see such a huge database maintained in the hardcopies for thirty decades in a row.

The mosque remains open throughout the year so a visitor need not have to come up with any special timing for visiting this mosque. The people visiting this mosque are mostly students from schools, colleges, institutions and tourists from other countries. Since the mosque presents unique features on the art and culture of Islam, research workers and scholar often visit to learn more about this religion.

The structure of the Birmingham Central Mosque consists of 1 minaret and one dome. The entire mosque is painted with white and brown shades and with a rising tomb in the middle. There is the entrance which greets visitors into its arms.

After a day spent at the Central Mosque of Birmingham, I was relaxed and feeling nonchalant.


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