Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham- The Artistic Way of Luxury

Apart from visiting historic places and places meant for amusement, I have a keen interest in art and cultural activities. It was my fifth day stay in Birmingham. My stay in the city had been very good so far, with loads of time being spent at the theaters, shopping malls, game parlors, historic places and amusement parks. I was satisfied that I was making my family smile with a very good time at Birmingham.

Barber Institute | Image Resource :

Barber Institute | Image Resource :

It was day five and I was fully energetic as day one. My zeal of exploring more places in the city had not died and I was looking forward to each and every day with full of excitement. I decided to make a visit to the Barber Institute of Fine Arts in the city.

Barber Institute Gallery

Barber Institute Gallery | Image Resource :

The institute is known for its classic approach towards fine arts. This fine art gallery in England displays the masterpieces created by few of the finest artists of England. The fine art gallery was established in the year 1932 and it was something more than just being an art gallery. Apart from being a gallery, it is a historic saga that brings the different parts from the past alive through the charming art forms.

The collection in the Barber Institute of Fine Arts consisted of works from Pablo Picasso, Auguste Rodin, Rembrandt Belini, Claude Moneta and Aubrey Beardsley etc. Apart from these great men, there are works of other artists which are rare to find nowadays. The bronzes exhibited are really beautiful. There is a huge collection of coins as well. You can find coins of as many as 15,000 varieties which date back to several centuries.

During the time of our visit, we were lucky enough to visit a concert that very day. I could also learn that the Barber Institute of Fine Arts holds several concerts and recreational activities throughout the year. There is a certain music festival which is organized every year in the month of June.

We took a walk along the gardens of the winterbourne houses and the day was nonchalantly energetic. My wife and my son loved the entire place and demanded for a longer time there.


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