Birmingham Town Hall- An Art of Class

It would not be wrong to say that Birmingham is a place full of wonderful places and historic galleries that make your memories fresh. I was in the sixth day of my stay in Birmingham and so far I had enjoying each and every day of my stay there. I did want to maintain the fluidity and hence made sure that Ayushman doesn’t get bored. But he is a good kid and hence loves everything that is new.

After spending the previous day at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, it was the time for a trip to the Town Hall. Town hall, as is the common notion, is a place for gathering and cultural activities. It is usually placed in the center of the city and most important meeting, award ceremonies and felicitations are done there. The Birmingham Town Hall is something of the same genre.

Birmingham Town Hall

Birmingham Town Hall | Image Resource :

The significant feature of the Town Hall of Birmingham is the Roman Architecture which is finely represented in the art works made in the hall. The design of the building reminds of the Roman culture as it is built in regard to the Pollux and Temple of Castor of the Roman Era.

As I could gather information from a few sources, the major renovation work in the Town Hall started in the year 2002 and continued till 2008. After this period, the town hall was so modified to arrange pop, jazz, country side, western, classical and folk concerts. Apart from these shows which are quite common in the Town Hall, there are other shows which are mostly, product launches, fashion shows, graduation felicitations, official dinner parties and broadcasts. The gist is that the Town Hall remains occupied throughout the year having one or some other function organized every day.

Inside Birmingham Town Hall

Inside Birmingham Town Hall | Image Resource :

The architecture of the entire building is something one would love to discover. The building is made with brick and fitted with Penmom Anglesey Marble. When I tried to notice clearly, I could see the fossils of some animals and plants as the building consisted limestone in its construction. The entrance foyer is also made magnificent by glazing the front side.

My day in the Town Hall of Birmingham came to an end and I was now looking forward to the next two days of my stay in the city.


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