Lickey Hills Country Park, Birmingham- A Brush with the Nature

After having spent six amusing days in Birmingham, I was ready for the seventh day. It was almost a week now and Ayushman had slowly started liking the place. My wife too was getting the feeling of nostalgia and she was in no mood to leave the place soon. But I had one more day at hands and I wanted to enjoy it thoroughly, so I asked both of them to accompany me to the Lickey Hills Country Park in the city.

So it was my seventh day and the schedule was made. Lickey Hills! Yes, that was our destination. We carried our backpacks and arranged some food and hired a taxi for the day to take us to the Lickey Hills Country Park. The park is located at a distance of about 17 kilometers from the city of Birmingham and it just took 30 minutes to reach there.

Lickey Hills Country Park | Image Resource :

Lickey Hills Country Park | Image Resource :

The park draws a fine line between the cultural and philanthropic Birmingham. It is spread across a land of whooping 524 acres and was started in the year 1888.However it gained its actual name in the year 1933 when it was finally opened free for public use. Now the park is also set for free entry by the public.

Lickey Hills Country Park is an amusement area basically where families gather together for picnics and quality time. The park had always gathered the attention of people from various parts of the country. Now the number of visitors coming to see the Lickey Hills Country Park has risen above 5,00,000 in a single year. All thanks to the picturesque view of the park and the fantabulous aura it provides amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Lickey Hills Country Park is an amazing package of both flora and fauna. The diverse variety of flora and fauna found in the park sets a very good ambience for the people to come in. Apart from a different variety of plants, there are geese, moorhen, coots, swans and mallards in bird. You can also find blue tit, European Robin, chaffinch, great tit and wood pigeon in the park. You would see more than 380 different varieties of plants found in the park, out of which there are 30 varieties of mosses and 17 ferns!


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