Ikon Gallery, Birmingham- The Display of Magnificence

It was the last day of my stay in Birmingham and I was not in the mood of leaving the place so soon. After such a long vacation of fun-filled holidays and quality family time, who would want to go back to work? But it was just the normal cycle and Birmingham trip was started to end some day. But I still could not believe that I had already spent 8 days in Birmingham and finally I was going home in the evening.

As it was the last day of our stay, we didn’t want to choose a place that could tire us. So instead of going to any sort of amusement park or adventurous spot, we decided to pay a visit to the Ikon Gallery in the city. The gallery is little different from the normal art galleries as it displays a combination of contemporary art forms, sound, photography, paintings and photography. So a person with mixed interest can enjoy each and every part of this gallery.

Ikon Gallery Entrance

Ikon Gallery Entrance | Image Resource :

The gallery remains open every day, except Mondays. So I wanted to keep the visit to Ikon Gallery on a non-Monday day. It is a small place where you would enjoy reading different books as well. Currently, there are three programs running in the gallery separated into three different strands.

There is a gallery that features sound, painting, media, photography and there is the other off-site activity that encourages the development of relationships between audience and artists. Other than these two, the third stream focuses into Education, which is considered to be one the major jobs of the Ikon Gallery.

Ikon Gallery Birmingham

Ikon Gallery Entrance | Image Resource :

Different types of workshops, interactive seminars, public interest activities and visual art are the various forms which have gained massive audience applause. Thus the place is mostly occupied with students and research scholars. The Education and Interpretations programs that are conducted within the gallery are quite interactive and hence are the prime factors for large gatherings.

After spending a good two hours within the Ikon Gallery, I called it a day. We were satiated to the core of our hearts and it was finally the time to bid good bye to Birmingham!


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