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Top 3 Meditation Techniques You Would Fall in Love With

Meditation and I are linked with each other. This therapeutic activity has made me fitter than ever before and so I do make it a point to practice a little bit of meditation every day, amidst my hectic schedule. The practice of meditation dates back to several centuries, with its one of the oldest forms being yoga.

I started including meditation as a part of my everyday life when I started realizing that life full of fun and one can enjoy different things only till he remains fit. I work a lot. I also eat food that tinges my taste bud. So why not do something that uplift my body and soul and takes it towards perfection. With time, I have garnered the various advantages of meditation. In my blog, I would like to share a few of the top meditation techniques that will help you to achieve the goals better.


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Indulge Yourself into the Traditional Yoga Meditation

Like I said before, yoga is one of the oldest forms of meditation. Yoga is a complete package and a different branch altogether. If you jump into the deep ocean of discovering various yoga forms, you would find a treasure of it. It simplifies the brain and makes you light at heart. Apart from improving the quality of your health, yoga meditation soothes your mind and relaxes it. Try indulging into yoga for at least 45 minutes for every 4 days in a week. You would get finest results in a few days!

Meditation of Mind for Soul Uplift

This kind of meditation is derived from the Buddhists. Mindfulness in meditation makes you simplify things for yourself and your judgment ability becomes clearer. Breathing is the simplest form of concentrating into a single object. Eventually you would notice the hazy clouds paving their way and clearer thoughts coming in.

Mantra Meditation – The Powerful Form

You must have heard Hindus chanting “Om…” This spiritual hum is actually a term and has a deep meaning hidden beneath. The humming of Om creates sound vibrations around you and you tend to focus on the objectives of your life. Mantra meditation can transform you spiritually as well.

Try any one of these and post me the results.


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