Mount Fuji Japan – The Diamond Mountain Worshipped By the Nature Lovers

After enjoying a vibrant night life in Tokyo we went to sleep in the hotel room. The first place which we wanted see in Japan was the Mount Fuji. Next morning we started off to the mountains.  Mount Fuji is the highest mountains of Japan and it is very popular for the volcano which is worshipped by the Japanese People and the artists

Mount Fuji Japan

Mount Fuji Japan | Image Resource :

Mt. Fuji is located at the boarders of Shizuoka and Yamanashi has height of more than 3,776 meters. The mountain is corn shaped and it stood in magnificence. The beauty of this charming mountain is well- known for its shape and we can see this mountain in many pictures and paintings. Moreover it is the symbol of Japan and it had been worshipped for several years and the Samurai perform bow and arrow show in the shrine below the foot hills during the “Yabusame Festival“.

The volcano is well-shaped and it erupted in 1708. We were lucky enough to view the volcano since it was clear day. We took train route from Tokyo to Osaka to view the volcano. We head towards the Fuji Five Lake (Fujigoko) to enjoy the nature around

Fuji Five Lake

Fuji Five Lake | Image Resource :

We went to explore the Shiraito Falls and Lake Tanuki at the foot hills of the mountain. We were mesmerized by the scenic beauty of the falls and the Fuji Mountains. The snow capped mountain magnetizes several tourists to this place. Our guide said that during the sunrise you can see the Diamond Fuji which is a treat for the eyes.  The mounting top glitters like diamond when the sun rises to the top. However we couldn’t enjoy the sight as we were late.

The surroundings were cool and we could enjoy the charming weather. The picturesque scenic beauty still cherishes in my mind. Several tourist packages offer climbing tours on the mountain. I dint choose to climb the mountain as Ayushman was with us. The packages include fare, climbing guide, a hut to stay, hot spring visit and breakfast which is a pack of  rice.

After a blissful day we returned to our hotel room through bus transportation which took more than two hours to reach. We took our dinners and goosed into the soft bed thinking of the beauty of the Fugi Mountains.


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