Sensoji Temple Tokyo – Exploring the Beauty of the Oldest Temple Of Japan

As I mentioned in my early blogs, Japan owns a rich culture and there are several temples to visit in this country. Among the temples Sensoji temple is the oldest temple in Japan and it was built in 645.  Sensoji is situated in Asakusa district and it is very beautifully designed with Japanese architecture and the temple is colorfully decorated.

Sensoji Temple Tokyo

Sensoji Temple Tokyo | Image Resource :

The deity of the temple is Kannon the goddesses of mercy. The mythology says that the statute was fished by two brothers in 628 and they threw the statue into the river. But the statue came back to them and the temple was built and it becomes the oldest temple in Japan.

We approached the temple and first we have to enter through a thunder gate called Kaminarimon which is the outer gate of the temple. The outer gate is the symbol of the temple and the whole Tokyo city as well.


Kaminarimon | Image Resource :

We purchased many handicrafts, yukata and folding fans from the Nakamise which is the shopping street inside the temple. The street led to the “Hozomon” which is second gate of the temple. It has a five storied Pagoda which was destroyed during the war and later reconstructed. The Asakusa shrine was constructed in 1649 which is a few meters to the main temple.

Asakusa Shrine

Asakusa Shrine | Image Resource :

We enjoyed the beauty of the temple and I came to knew from the guide that various events are held at this temple throughout the year. The Sanja Matsuri which is main festival of the Shirne is held in the Month of May.

Some of the other festivals are Asakusa Samba Carnival. From the Hagoita Market we bought wooden paddles. These paddles are used during the traditional games festival.

This is the heaven for budget travelers as it is known for low budget hostels, budget ryokan dormitories, and small hotels. We could experience the old fashioned Tokyo in this place as there are several subways shops are found here.

Inside the temple there is a beautiful garden designed in Japanese style. We tasted some traditional food such as noodles, tempura etc. We explored the sculptural beauty of the temple and in the afternoon we headed towards our next spot.


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