Shiba Park Hotel Tokyo- The Best Place To Indulge In

After a long 7 and half hours of travel in the flight we landed on the grounds of Narita international airport. On the way to our hotel I was viewing this giant city. Tokyo which is the capital of Japan is a renowned metropolis and it has many things to offer. It owns great historical monuments, temples and garden. Apart from this there are several cultural places to see in this place. I was planning to visit those places in the forth coming days.

Traveling about two hours from the airport we reached Shiba Park Hotel Tokyo. It is a 3-star hotel located in Tokyo. The Hotel was very clean and it offered a warm welcome to us. We booked a double room; the room was designed elegantly with soft double coats and other facilities such as wifi-connections, internet, LCD TV and many more were available.

Shiba Park Hotel Tokyo

Shiba Park Hotel Tokyo | Image Resource :

The toilets were very clean and I could find accessories such as bath towels, slippers, hair dryers, night gowns. We took a refreshing bath and goosed into the bed for a while. After the breakfast we relaxed for a while and planned our next days in Japan. Ayushman was very thrilled by and his anxiety was growing every minute.

The room was facilitated with coffee maker, AC and refrigerator. Around 11 o clocks we left for shopping in the nearby areas. Japan is connected by small train routes to all place which I feel very convenient for visiting places.


Cuisines | Image Resource :

We returned after awhile and had our lunch from the Hanasanshou a Chinese hotel which has a myriad of Japanese and Chinese cuisines to offer. The hotel also has hotel Peaking which offers Chinese cuisines alone. The bar connected to the hotel is the Fifteen’s and Coffee Shop Primula.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms | Image Resource :

It was a great experience staying in the hotel and we experienced the taste of Chinese and Japanese cuisines. Shiba Park Hotel Tokyo also houses meeting rooms and banquet facilities and it is an ideal place for conferences, meetings, wedding receptions, and so on. The staff members were very attentive and well mannered and the chefs were well-trained and efficient.  They treated elegantly and it offered high comforts where we indulged in its luxury and services. You can make your hotel booking through last minute hotel apps which will offer you great deals and discounts.


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