Tokyo Disney Sea – A Thrilling Place for Children to Indulge In

After the long cultural and devotional days visiting temples in Tokyo, we planned have some amusements and to spent our day in Disney sea. Ayshman was very happy and he was thrilled. The next day we started to Disney amusement park in the morning. The Tokyo Disney which is massive amusement resort is famous in Japan. The Disney sea is made of seven ports  such as” Mediterranean Harbor, Mystery Island, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery and American Waterfront.”

Tokyo Disney Sea

Tokyo Disney Sea | Image Resource :

Each port follows certain themes of legends and stories of seas. We entered the amusement park and were spell bounded by seeing it sophisticated structure. The park is suitable for all ages and  was minutely designed to cater  all the needs of the visitors of all ages. The park has vast collection of massive hotels restaurants, beverages centers, and cocktails shops.

Mediterranean Harbor

Mediterranean Harbor | Image Resource :

The Mediterranean Harbor is the entrance to the park and is designed as an Italian port town. This area is designed with several canals, gondols, water fountains, boats, and we can enjoy plenty of water games in it. We stayed in Hotel MiraCosta which is one of the famous hotels in this place where we can stay and enjoy the Disney Sea. We enjoyed several water shows and fountain shows there.

Mysterious Island

Mysterious Island | Image Resource :

From there we moved on to the Mysterious Island situated in the heart of the park. It is designed like a volcano and it gives many experiences of science fictions of the famous writer Jules Verne. We enjoyed capitain Nemo’s submarines and journey in his vehicle to the centre of the earth.

Mermaid Lagoon

Mermaid Lagoon | Image Resource :

A single day was not enough for us to explore the place as we had plenty to explore left further. We stayed there and next day we visited the Mermaid Lagoon which a special place for children to indulge in. Ayuushman enjoyed the rides and the world of Ariel and her friends as well; he was fully pandered to all the rides and games he enjoyed there.

Next was the Arabian cost which is a recreation of Aladdin and the Arabian night stories. We could enjoy the magic show of Sinbad and a sail with him. Next was the lost river Delta where the ruins of temples and roller costars are found. We explored other ports such as American water front and port discovery and returned to our hotel thrilled.


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