Osaka Castle Japan – The Palace Where the Cherry Blossom

The last days of  our vacation in Japan was getting over and now we have only two places to see from our list. The next day we planned to visit Osaka Castle Japan which has a history of 500 years. This place is best for cuisines pleasure and sightseeing.

The castle in Osaka was built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who was a famous warlord. He conquered whole Japan in 16th century. The castle was burned down in 17 Th centuries in battles. Several armors weapons were kept in first and the last floor which were the leftover of the battles and wars of those days.

The surrounding of the castle is covered with grasses which are maintained cleanly and beautifully.  The whole 105 hectors were planted with cherry trees and it blossom during spring season. People visit this place during the spring time to see the charming beauty of the cherry blossom.

Osaka Castle Japan

Osaka Castle Japan | Image Resource :

The Oska Municipal museum near the Osaka Castle has a good collection of artifacts and represents the rich culture and history of Toyokuni-jinja Shrine.  The Osaka-jo Hall has a huge hall which has a seating capacity 16,000 viewers.

We went for a water cruise around the castle in waterways which surrounds the castle. It took more than hour and it was a memorable experience for us. The cruise went throughout the city and we enjoyed a beautiful sightseeing.

During summer Osaka Tenjin-matsuri Festival is held here which is one of the largest festival in Japan among three.  The festival is held in the river Okawa which is situated on the northwest side of the Osaka Castle. The guide described that more than 100 ships will go down the river. I wished to come back during summer to experience that joy.

Osaka Park

Osaka Park | Image Resource :

Nearby area of the castle is known as the Kyobashi area which is known for its busy station subways. We also visited the Osaka Business Park and Digital Art Square nearby. In the north we enjoyed sitting in the Sakura-no-miya-koen Park which is fully covered with cherry trees. It was great day for us and we returned to our hotel room.


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