Yakushiji Temple Japan – The oldest Temple of Japan

It was our last day in Japan and we thought of visiting Yakushiji temple which was built by the Emperor Tenmu in 7th century. It was built as an offering to the god for the speedy recovery of the emperor’s wife. The temple has perfect symmetrical layout and is one of the oldest temples in Japan. The lecture hall and the main hall of the temple stand on a single central axis and it has two pagodas.

During 1970 the main hall was reconstructed after a fire accident. The main hall also houses famous Japanese Buddhist art Yakushi trinity which is a masterpiece of Japanese Buddhist art. The east pagoda has survived many fires and it remains unchanged for centuries. Though the temple has only three stories it appears to be a six stories building due to its beautiful architecture and design. When I visited the east pagoda, it was under construction and none has allowed there and was covered with scaffolding.

Yakushiji Temple Japan

Yakushiji Temple Japan | Image Resource:

The Genjo-sanzoin Garan located on the north side of main temple was built in 1981. This building was dedicated to the Chinese monk Genjo-sanzo for his vast travel to India and Asia. The temple is the headquarters of “Hosso Sect of Japanese Buddhism” and Genjo-sanzo’s teachings were done here.

The Octagonal hall situated in the centre of the main building is referred as the Genjo-sanzoin Garan. Just behind the main octagonal hall, the paintings of the Hirayama Ikuo were displayed. He is the most famous painters of Japan and he passed away in 2009. The paintings reflected the Genjo-sanzo’s famous journeys.

Nishinokyo Station is located just behind the temple and it will take only 25 minutes from Kintetsu Nara Station. You can reach the place taking bus from Nara station which is just 15 minutes of travel.

But we opted for a cab since we have to get back to the hotel and pack up thing to come back to our daily routine. While returning to India Ayushman was speaking about his amazing experience in the Disney sea and the beauty of the temples in Japan. We decided to come back to Japan to see the festival during summer.

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