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Swimming: The Best Exercise For a Busy Life

In our busy lives we do not get a lot of time for self development. Whatever time we have we intend to spend it with our families, at least this is the way I intend to live my life. I have been a swimming enthusiast since my student days. I did not miss any opportunities to get into the waters as a kid and the deep interest developed during those days. Swimming is both a hobby and a workout regimen for me. It helps me divert my mind off all the complications of the day and have some time for myself. It helps me clear my mind and at the same time it keeps me fit. Sometimes it is the best part of my day. Swimming as an exercise has immense mental and physical health benefits which I would like to share with all of you.

Swimming Benefits

Swimming Benefits | Image Resource :

Swimming is a great way to control your weight. It boosts your metabolism to its optimal level and provides cardiovascular training to the body. It is not a very strenuous exercise but it helps the body to develop endurance and stamina. In office life our bodies get used to stay immobile for long hours and hence lose their flexibility. Swimming allows that flexibility to be regained with a little effort and patience. Hence it also loosens the muscles and then develops them to be stronger all the while keeping them flexible. Swimming improves your body shape without adding any bulk to it.

Swimming also establishes good blood flow to various parts of the body. In this way it helps control problems related to blood pressure. Swimming is not very strenuous on the heart and hence those having minor heart problems can opt for swimming as a workout. It is also known to control chances of type 2 diabetes in people with genetic favourability towards this disease.

Finally swimming provides a great method for stress relief. It involves the right amount of agitation to clear up your mind without causing any additional strain. It helps in maintaining body temperature as well. During the summer heat it literally cools you off and is a great regimen for those with issues of hypertension.


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