Lumpini Park – A Haven From The City’s Chaos!

During my stay at Bangkok at the Narai Hotel, I asked the Concierge whether there was a place I could spent the afternoon after I went shopping for gadgets. He suggested I should relax at the famous Lumpini Park situated in the heart of Bangkok covering a massive area. It has a rich array of flora and fauna within the park. King Rama VI ordered to construct this park on royal property and it even has an artificial lake at its center.

This park is well maintained with proper waste management and bans on smoking and dogs. The path in the park that revolves around the park is clean and cyclists favor these paths. The park also contains children’s play areas and waste bins are found very frequently preventing littering. The park is a paradise that is surrounded by a concrete jungle and is apt for unwinding and relaxing for a while.

Lumphini Park

Lumphini Park | Image Resource :

I walked through it’s gardens and was clicking pictures all along of various flowers and trees. The natural beauty this place possesses requires constant maintenance and utmost care. The park also offers boats for rent and this is one experience anyone visiting the park should go through. Boating on the beautiful and clean lake is peaceful and it is easy to lose track of time. The view from the boat is magnificent and it is a photographer’s paradise.

Boating in Lumphini Park

Boating in Lumphini Park | Image Resource :

The park also offers a variety of food stalls and they dish out traditional mouth-watering Thai dishes and there are stalls offering Western delicacies. The Thai food at the local stalls was one of the best treats my taste buds ever received. I found a beautiful spot under a majestic tree overlooking the lake and I still cherish the view of the lake with the sun slowly disappeared behind the city’s skyline.

If you ever plan to visit Bangkok and want to relax and unwind, there is no better place than Lumpini Park. Just remember to take a spare battery for your cameras since this Park is very picturesque and a true photographer could spent hours happy clicking away.

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