Narai Hotel Bangkok – A Warm And Serene Ambience Awaits You!

When I landed at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok, the first thing I noticed is how friendly and warm the Thai people were. They instantly found a place in my heart among all the foreigners I have met! I caught a taxi and told the Thai gentleman to take me to Narai Hotel in Bangkok. Bangkok was a metropolis with vibrant colors, architecture, people and beautiful temples.

Narai Hotel Bangkok

Narai Hotel Bangkok | Image Resource :

Narai Hotel – World Class Hospitality And Ambience!

Being the control freak I am, I was surprised that I had not done my research about the hotel I was to stay at. I was panicking in the airport but my gadgets came to the rescue, I had to book through a last minute hotel app and found Narai Hotel as a good luxury hotel that might suit me. On arriving at the Narai Hotel Bangkok, the lady at the front door gave me a very warm welcome and as they say the first impression is always the best impression.

Narai Hotel Bangkok Guest Room

Narai Hotel Bangkok Guest Room | Image Resource :

The Concierge of the hotel greeted me with a pleasant smile and made me feel very much at home with their warm hospitality. They escorted me to the Deluxe Room I had booked and all the staffs’ hospitality literally floored me. The room was beyond my expectation especially for the price I paid for the room. It was a beautifully designed room with every possible amenity like Air Conditioning, mini bar, mini refrigerators, a double bed, Wi-Fi connectivity, a humongous TV and even a safe.

Swimming Pool Facility at Narai Hotel Bangkok

Swimming Pool Facility at Narai Hotel Bangkok | Image Resource :

The room had a really mesmerizing ambience and an incredible bathroom that made me feel ecstatic and overjoyed. The highlight was the view the room had of Bangkok’s skyline which truly took me into bliss. It is a known fact that Thai cuisine is world class and admired by many world wide, including me. However the Thai dishes that was served on my first day itself was the best treat I could give my taste buds and surpassed all the previous Thai food I had in India and other countries. I really was glad that I booked the room at the Narai Hotel and still cherish all the moments I spent there!


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