Phi Phi Islands – The Islands From One’s Dream!

Thailand has one of the most beautiful blue crystal clear beaches and most of them are found in the islands of Phi Phi and not in mainland Thailand. These islands are one of the prime destinations in Thailand and are one of the biggest attractions in Thailand. They consist of six islands out of which Ko Phi Phi Don, the largest of the six, and the Ko Phi Phi Lee are the biggest attraction.

My travel itinerary for Thailand had Phi Phi islands on top of the list and I booked a hotel in Ko Phi Phi Don for two nights after my stay at Railay beach. If you are visiting the islands it is preferable to go early in the morning to Maya Bay to avoid large crowds and one of the main attractions is to explore all the beautiful sea caves and reefs of the island by renting a long boat whose owner knows every area of the island.

Long Boat

Long Boat | Image Resource :

I spent nearly four hours in the boat exploring various sea caves, reefs and the other 4 smaller and less inhabited islands. This longboat ride is the only way to know the real beauty the island possesses and the various visual natural treasures it hides. The infrastructure of the islands was devastated during the 2006 Tsunami, but at present it is almost as that never even happened. The entire infrastructure was re-built and improved since then.

Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi Islands | Image Resource :

The British-American movie The Beach starring Leonardo Di Caprio was shot in these islands and it provided a massive tourist boom in these islands. The movie however received criticism due to the sets they created which ecologists believe was devastative to the eco system. The beaches are perfect for relaxing and taking a dip in the crystal clear waters. The reefs are also a big attraction to scuba and snorkeling enthusiasts alike. The reefs sadly are dwindling and are predicted to vanish soon altogether.

The Phi Phi Islands are definitely a paradise waiting to be explored, just make sure when you visit that you don’t miss out on the longboat ride around the islands and its marvelous sea caves!


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