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How Can Meditation Help You Change Your Life

Meditation is one of the most ancient arts of achieving peace. It allows oneself inner self to come to terms with their external settings. It is also a method of self realization and introspection. Above all meditation is a perfect method of reliving one’s mind of the stress it experiences every day. Between responsibilities at home and work our minds have no time to rest. Can you imagine it works relentlessly even while you are sleeping? It needs some rest, some time off the daily life complexities. It has been proven scientifically through a variety of detailed experiments and trials that meditation reduces chances of stress and depression by around 74 percent if done correctly for around 15 minutes every day. Doing it the correct way is extremely important.


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Meditation like any art cannot be learnt in a day. It needs a lot of patience and practise. At first it will be difficult for you to even sit at one place for 15 minutes without getting up to check your cell phone or something else. Try to address this stepwise. First develop a habit to silently sit at one place for 20-25 minutes every day doing absolutely nothing. The next step is to stop thinking about stressful things and develop positive thoughts in your mind. Imagery and visualization will help you a great deal in this regard. Try to imagine moments of happiness, the beautiful places you have visited, the great things you have eaten etc.

Sitting in a clean and silent place is also essential to develop a good habit of meditation. At first you may need to put some external incentives like incense sticks or trans-music but as you practise harder you will learn the art of giving away and letting off. Letting off is the real aim of meditation. Once you realise this you are on the right track.

With practise you will be able to drop all thought good or bad, real or fake from your mind while you meditate. This is the realisation of internal peace of the mind and soul. Although it takes months and years of training, once you reach there you will realise that there exists no greater satisfaction in the material world than this.


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