Kolkata to Wellington – A Journey to the East End of the World

Kolkata is one of India’s biggest cities and by far the most densely populated metropolitan. It offers no mercy to those who are not willing to sweat it out. The work culture in Kolkata is extremely demanding and even though the people of the city of joy are most generous in their general discourse, life can often become monotonous in the fast moving modern Kolkata city. Being a businessman, I witness the rat race that goes on in this city every day. I have come to believe that nothing, absolutely nothing in life is more important than spending time with one’s loved ones. It is not only essential for living a satisfied life but also is the real meaning of it all.

This is why I love to travel all around the world with my family and friends and then share the memories and experiences with all of you. I believe that every individual in this world is unique and we can learn volumes about the world by listening to and reading the experiences of our fellow beings. This time I decided to go on a long trip to the east end of the world – New Zealand with my wife and son Ayushman. My journey on the Kolkata Wellington Route began from the Netaji Subash Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata.

Netaji Subash Chandra Bose International Airport

Netaji Subash Chandra Bose International Airport | Image Resource :

New Zealand is a country located South-East of Australia in the Oceania region. It is one of the eastern most parts of the world. The country is among the happiest places on earth and the standards of living are extremely high. The country is economically well off and a major part of its revenue is generated through tourism. The rich natural heritage also attracts thousands of tourists every year. The rich wildlife and beautiful beaches are the main attractions.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways | Image Resource :

In order to reach Wellington, I had to travel on three routes. The first flight via Qatar Airways took me from Kolkata to the Doha International Airport in Qatar and then from Doha to the Tullamarine International Airport in Melbourne Australia. The journey in a Qatar Airways flight is always comfortable and luxurious and I have become a fan of this five-star airline. The last part of the journey began via a Qantas Airlines aircraft and took me to my destination, the coolest world capital – Wellington.


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