Westpac Stadium –A Symbol of Enterprise in Wellington

The city of Wellington is among the most developed and industrialised cities in the Oceania region. It has been the host of many major world sporting tournaments over the years, including the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup and the Rugby World Cup-2011. The city of Wellington is known around the world for its architecture and mighty buildings. The people of this enterprising city have constructed some marvellous modern marvels and one of them in the Westpac Stadium. The Westpac is also known as the Wellington Regional Stadium. The stadium has been acclaimed internationally and specially by professional players for its amenities and beautiful design.

The Westpac has become a symbol of New Zealand’s development and is now a part of the tourist itinerary of most foreign and domestic tourists. The stadium is open for the public at most times of the year. You can simply visit the stadium on a non-match day, as well to witness the relics and sports memorabilia preserved at the Westpac. Some of these memorabilia date back to the 20s and 30s when New Zealand became a full member of the Imperial Cricket Council now known as the International Cricket Council.

Westpac Stadium

Westpac Stadium | Image Resource :

The stadium is popularly known as the Cake Tin because of its characteristic cake tin shape. The beautiful architecture was completed in the year 1999 and since then, has become the most used stadium in the country. The stadium has hosted not only international cricket, rugby and football matches but also the domestic T-20 leagues and one day cricket tournaments. This stadium has been witness to some historic performances and epic battles.

The Cake Tin is also often used a concert hall. Many international music events are held at the Westpac because of its immense capacity and picturesque location. The land reclaimed from the railways located close to the coast was used to construct this modern marvel. The sea breeze brings in calmness and tranquillity to the Westpac Wellington.

I enjoyed my short but peaceful trip to the Westpac Stadium and it was a great beginning for my trip of Wellington, which has much more in store and we are thoroughly excited to witness the unique flavours and culture of the Kiwi North Island.


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