The Wellington Botanical Garden –A Heritage Natural Reserve

A twenty five-hectare protected area in Wellington was conserved and transformed into one of the most attractive and renowned botanical gardens of the world some 150 years ago. The Wellington Botanical Gardens in New Zealand were setup in the year 1844 and became open to the public in the year 1868. This beautiful reserve of indigenous and foreign flora has become a national heritage site and has also been recognised by the UN.

The Wellington Botanical Gardens also serve as major tourism attractions in the capital and close to one hundred thousand visitors come to this gardens every year. The Botanical Gardens are now maintained by the Wellington City Council and technical assistance is provided by the Royal New Zealand Institute for Horticulture.

Wellington Botanical Garden

Wellington Botanical Garden | Image Resource :

The Wellington Botanical Gardens have three major parts namely the Begonia House, the Lady Norwood Rose Garden and the Wellington Tree House. All three have unique characters and are equally indispensible for a tourist. These iconic gardens have existed as long as the Wellington Botanical Gardens have and hence, have witnessed the entire modern history of New Zealand. The natives of Wellington took great pains for nurturing these gardens in its early days and the result was a masterpiece which is revered all around the world today.

Wellington Tree House

Wellington Tree House | Image Resource :

The Lady Norwood Rose Gardens have close to 780 species of roses and some of them had come to the gardens from as far as India during the era of the Commonwealth. The Begonia Garden is known for its colourful begonias and the beautiful walkways. The Begonia is by far the most looked after flowering plant in New Zealand. The master gardeners of The Begonia Gardens provide skilful lessons to visitors who are interested in learning the nuances of nurturing a healthy Begonia plant. Similar lessons are available throughout the Wellington Botanical Gardens.

The gardens maintain a high degree of hygiene and cleanliness. Creating litter is strictly prohibited and even a punishable offence. Hence, once you are visiting the Wellington Gardens take particular care regarding keeping the surrounding clean. My trip to the Wellington Gardens with my family was a learning experience as well as one which took us close to the natural beauty of the wild.


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