Carter Observatory, Wellington – The Delights of Night Sky

There is nothing more fulfilling and satisfying than looking at the endless sky on a clear cool night in Wellington. The city is located at the southern tip of the Northern Island of New Zealand. This beautiful city is close to the coasts and hence, the night sky is as clear as it gets. The cool climate also adds to the beauty of the night. The Carter Observatory in Wellington is a great travel destination as it offers not only a beautiful view of the night sky through an ultra powerful telescope but also because it offers several academic and informative tours for both children and adults.

The Carter Observatory is a great place to visit for children and adults alike. The fun and learning opportunities are immense to say the least at this beautiful and extravagant observatory and planetarium. The observatory is open around the year and seven days a week except for holidays. The shows that my wife and I liked the most were- Back to the Moon for Good and Two Pieces of Glass.

Carter Observatory

Carter Observatory | Image Resource :

The second documentary was particularly inspiring as it portrayed how the great inventor Galileo had used two simple pieces of curved glasses what we call lenses to create a device so powerful that it changed the way the entire human civilization looked at the world. It changed our ideas about our place in this universe. From an all important central role we became a tiny drop in a vast ocean.

My son found the shows breath-taking and he was so motivated and excited that he told me that he wanted to become a professional astronaut. These are the kinds of moments that make a trip not only memorable but immensely successful from the perspective of a parent. There is nothing more precious than seeing your family happy because of what you are able to do for them.


Telescope | Image Resource :

The trip to the Carter Observatory could not have been complete without a view through the powerful telescope, which has been involved in active research activities and reflected its immense potential. We saw the beautiful M7 star cluster and the members of the Sagittarius constellation. The best view for me was that of the red spot on the surface of Jupiter, which can be seen clearly through the Carter apparatus.


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