The St. Mary of Angels Church –Wellington’s Architectural Marvel

The brilliant city of Wellington is not only a modern city but also has a long history and heritage. This heritage is both colonial native. The colonial heritage is particularly visible in the architecture of the city. The city was primarily developed under British and French influence and this is not only evident from the culture and cuisine of the city but also by its buildings especially it Churches.

The Churches of a region are the best guides to its history and clearly portray the influences and overall state of the society of their time. The St. Mary of Angels Church is one of the most popular and sought after churches in all of Wellington and Northern New Zealand. It is particularly popular amongst tourists.

St. Mary of Angels Church Wellington

St. Mary of Angels Church Wellington | Image Resource :

The locals of the region have great faith in the church and thousands gather for the daily masses. The church is a Roman Catholic Church but people from all religions are always welcome. I being a Hindu did not feel even a little uncomfortable and felt completely blended in the peaceful and spiritual environment of the St Mary Church. The church is popular not only among Christians for their faith but also amongst the common tourists for the beautiful and completely unique architecture.

Inside view St. Mary of Angels Church

Inside view St. Mary of Angels Church | Image Resource :

The St. Mary of Angels Church was built in the year 1922 by a French architect named Frederick de Jersey Clere and hence is built in a classic Gothic French Style which is a reflection of the late 19th century architecture, but there is something very modern and completely unorthodox about the Church of St. Mary. The Church was the first Gothic style Catholic church in New Zealand which was built using the boon of modern engineering-the reinforced concrete. This has given the St Mary of Angels a unique design and this church will last for centuries to come standing tall at the Boulcott Street corner and will remain the pride of O’Riely Avenue.

My trip to the St. Mary Church was really nourishing for the soul and we enjoyed a lot there. It was a truly peaceful and delightful trip which made us realise that nothing more in life is more important that the peace of mind, satisfaction and a complete understanding of one’s own being.


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