The Wellington Town Hall –A Landmark with a Glorious Past

Wellington became a self administered town in the year 1880 and since then the need of a proper town hall for the day to day administration of the city. The Wellington Town Hall foundation was laid in the year 1901 and it was completely built in a time of 3 years. The administrative functions began taking place in the year 1905 and it was made open for the public. It became a temple of democracy in New Zealand as the political centre of the biggest and most successful cities of the country.

The people participated in the city’s success and the result came in very soon. The image of Wellington as a world heritage site was well established in the world by the year 1930 and tourists started pouring in every year to witness not only the natural beauty of the city but also the modern marvels like the Botanical Gardens and the Town Hall itself.

Wellington Town Hall

Wellington Town Hall | Image Resource :

The large and 150 feet tall clock tower was one big symbol of the city’s might and development. It had to be brought down in the year 1932 because of threats of major earthquake shocks. Many earthquakes have over the years hit the city of Wellington and have remained the most major concern for the city council.

Wellington Town Hall Interior

Wellington Town Hall Interior | Image Resource :

The Town Hall has been built and modified several times in its 110 year history. The front entrance and Facade visible from the Civic Square are the most beautiful features which have remained since the original construction in 1904. The Roman style Neo-Classical Architecture of the entrance has been appreciated by many contemporary architects. The beautiful monument also has an equally extravagant interior. After the need for a big concert hall of international standards was realised in the quickly growing city of Wellington, the Town Hall interior were renovated in 1973 to convert it into a beautiful auditorium with some of the best audio systems in the world.

The Town hall is now used both as a tourism site and some portions are still reserved for public administrative offices. Recently the Town Hall has been closed for another Earthquake Strengthening which is extremely essential in the Earthquake prone region of Wellington. My trip to the town hall was completely satisfying.


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