Wellington Zoo –A Display of the Real Treasure of New Zealand

The Wellington Zoo was the oldest zoo in New Zealand and is by far the most iconic locations for tourists visiting the country. The natives of New Zealand are extremely proud of the rich flora and fauna species that exist in this beautiful country.

The biodiversity of New Zealand has attracted many naturalists and ecology researchers to establish their work in the country. The Wellington Zoo has generated tremendous popularity and hence revenue for the city in the past decades. The zoo has been a constant success since it was opened in the year 1905 by the then prime minister of New Zealand Richard Seddon.

The Zoo was opened when Seddon was gifted a lion cub by the Bostock Circus which was immensely popular in Europe and Oceania in those days. Many native endangered species were later brought in. Some non-indigenous animals like the Sun Bear and the Sumatran Tigers were later adopted.

The role of the Wellington Zoo in the conservation of these species has been tremendous to say the least. The Zoo has also successfully run many breeding programmes for these species and fourth or fifth generations of some of the species first brought in during 1906-1910 are still comfortably living in the Wellington Zoo.

Sumatran Tiger

Sumatran Tiger | Image Resource :

The role of the Wellington Zoo in preserving many species of wildlife goes way beyond simple breeding programmes. They have started many great awareness programmes over the years and the daily animal talks have brought not only the natives but the visiting tourists close to Mother Nature. The people of Wellington have made their contribution towards the continued progress of the park and have even provided voluntary service during years of economic depression when the zoo became unaffordable for the government. This reflects their love for their natural heritage.

One Legged Kiwi

One Legged Kiwi | Image Resource :

The Wellington Zoo is known around the world for its preservation of Aves. The one legged Kiwi named Tahi is their unofficial mascot as Kiwis are the national animals of New-Zealand. Other birds on display include some trained cockatoos which are especially loved by children. Ayushman really enjoyed the interaction with the Cockatoo at Wellington Zoo. Many other species like the Emerald Doves, Emus, Ostriches and Himalayan Monal are also on display.


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