The Hotel Beambridge Inn, Wellington – A Rising Star in New Zealand

Wellington has been ranked among the top ten places to visit in the world for the past decade. The city is one of the most serene capitals in the world. Its uniqueness lies in the very fact that even though it is the second most populous city in New Zealand and is the administrative capital, it offers peace and a natural landscape, which is hard to find anywhere else in the world. The modern amenities available at the hotels in Wellington are comparable to any top world capitals like New York or London. The city is proud of its rich cultural heritage, natural beauty and exquisite cuisine.

There are several luxury hotels in Wellington, which offer extravagant services, but if you want to experience the real colours and flavours of the city of Wellington I would advise you to stay at the suburb hotel. Here you will find the true culture and cuisine of New Zealand’s oldest city. The Hotel Beambridge Inn Wellington is a beautiful five-star hotel located in the southern coastal part of Wellington. It has won many acclaims for its authentic display of the Kiwi traditions.

Hotel Beambridge Inn

Hotel Beambridge Inn

The people of Wellington are most hospitable and in this you will feel that they are quite similar to our own Bengali men and women. They welcome tourists and are always ready to provide assistance. We had absolutely no trouble in finding our hotel as it was easily accessible from the airport located just 12 km away from it. The highly effective bus transport system of Wellington allowed us to travel to all parts of the city from our hotel and this saved us a lot of travel time as well.

Rooms in Hotel Beambridge Inn

Rooms in Hotel Beambridge Inn

The accessibility is the key whenever you are travelling abroad. You would not want to land up in an unknown place on the other end of the globe without a clue of your itinerary locations. It is essential to choose a hotel like the Beambridge Inn Wellington, which allows easy access to all parts of the city. The food at the Beambridge was exceptional. Many authentic recipes and especially the freshest of fruits were simply delightful. The city of Wellington had a lot in store for us and after settling in our comfortable rooms in the hotel, we were extremely excited about exploring the city.


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