Cable Car Museum Wellington –A Panoramic View

The city of museum is immense. It is the largest city in New Zealand and also the second most populous. The city has so many sites of interest that it is almost impossible to witness all of them in just one trip.

My family and I could not capture all the beautiful colours of New Zealand that are on display in the Cosmopolitan city of Wellington. If you need to capture a lot of Wellington’s beautiful scenes in one go then the Cable Car Museum is the most classic, old school yet effective way of doing it.

Cable Car Museum

Cable Car Museum | Image Resource :

The people of Wellington just love to travel and witness new locations. Given the difficult terrain that originally marked the city during the colonial era the Cable car was a great way of travelling to different places in the city without any delay and at low costs. A great network of cables and ropeways was established across the major sites. Tourism was important to New Zealand even in those days and hence many of these locations were tourist spots. The most significant of these and the central station for these cable cars was the back entrance of the Wellington Botanical Gardens.

The Cable Cars were established way back n 1902 and due to decreased utility over the years starting from the late 50’s when motor cars became popular in New Zealand, the cable car system lost its lustre and grace. Less and less people used it as a means of transportation and later it was completely transformed into a tourism interest. The cable ways have been restored to functionality in the 90’s and since then two main routes are functional. Both begin at the Begonia Garden Entrance.

Original Cable Wheel Display in the Museum

Original Cable Wheel Display in the Museum | Image Resource :

My trip to Wellington ended on a high. We got an enjoyable trip across the city and re-witnessed many of the sites we had earlier seen on the tour. It was a whole new experience. The museum also had the original cable wheel on display which was built in 1900 and other related apparatus.

The panoramic view of the city was as beautiful and fulfilling as promised. We had a lot of family time to share our experiences on our way back to Kolkata and still we could not get it all out. The travel frenzy will take several weeks to fade of although none of us wish for the same.


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