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Cities that Make Indian Foodies Drool

Indians have always been ardent fans of food. There are many historical proofs that show delicious food items have always won the hearts of Indians. Being a foodie myself, I can understand how it feels to taste some exquisite cuisines found in different corners of the country. I have always been fond of traveling and never forget to relish the food items, which are found exclusively at some places. It would be very unfair to spot out some few towns or cities for an ardent Indian foodie. Still, I have tried to list some cities that are famous for various kinds of items.

The country’s capital Delhi certainly tops the list of best cities for an Indian foodie. It is extremely popular for a number of exclusive dishes such as rajma chawal, parathe, cholebature, chaats, etc. Experiencing the taste of street foods and Punjabi dishes in Delhi is a must for every Indian. The next city in my list is Goa. There is no doubt about the fact that it is an extremely famous tourist destination. But do you know that the city is famous for some out of the box food items such as feni made from cashew, Goan sausages, sorpotel, Goan fish curry, Ppao, vindaloo, bebinca, etc?

A list of the top cities for an Indian foodie would be incomplete without the mention of Kolkata. Everybody is acquainted with the names of sandesh and rasgullas, which are enough to make your mouth water. But if you roam around the streets of Kolkata, there are numerous dishes that will make you crave for more. These include the jhaalmuri, phuchkas, egg rolls with tangy sauce. There are a host of items associated with fishes like hilsa and bhetki, which are bound to make a place in your heart forever.


Rasgullas | Image Resource :


Sandesh | Image Resource :

Lucknow is the ideal place for you if you want to experience royalty like a King. The taste of ghutwa, seekh, shami, patili, boti, or kakori kebabs along with Awadhi biryani is unforgettable. If you are a vegetarian, then a visit to Ahmedabad is a must. I have also been to some of the other popular cities like Hyderabad, Kochi, Mumbai, Chennai and Coorg, which are bound to warm your heart with out-of-the-box cuisines.


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