Church Of Our Saviour Copenhagen – Capturing The Age-old Heritage!

It is said that the ancient heritage of a place is captured in its age-old monuments and architecture. And Denmark has a very strong national history and heritage. One of the highest points in the skyline of Denmark, Church of our Saviour stands as an emblem of the past glory of Denmark.

Church of our Savior is also known as Vor Frelsers Kirke in Danish. Located in Christianshavn, the baroque church is a major crowd puller in Denmark. It is a living parish church sheltering about 8000 people. It is known for its antiquity and twisted spire structure.

Church Saviour Copenhagen

Church Saviour Copenhagen | Image Resource :

History has it, that the church was built by King Christian V who was the first born absolute Monarch of Denmark. It was built in 1680s and consecrated in 1696. The church is a living testimony that bears the monogram of its Monarch in its architecture. One of such instances is found in the elephant decoration that symbolizes the Order of the Elephants implemented by him to be an integral part of Danish order.

Elephant Decoration in Church

Elephant Decoration in Church | Image Resource :

As we approached the church, there were thousands of tourists entering the humongous structure. I stood and glanced at the entire building. Incredible! I thought. A building built centuries ago without any technological aid that is available today. How could they erect such a tall structure? It is almost touching the sky!

As we entered the gates and proceeded inwards, the beautiful architecture cast a spell on me. The Palladian-Netherlandic style of architecture has been used in the church with a mix of red brick and sandstone on a granite foundation.

Inside Church Saviour Copenhagen

Inside Church Saviour Copenhagen | Image Resource :

As we proceeded towards the altar I started getting goose bumps. The altar bears a Romanian influence, with Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane. With the entire hustle bustle around, the prayer hall still retained its silence and peace. There is something about these places that touch even non-believers like me. An extremely pious and holy vibration fills the air and you just can’t think of anything else other than look at Jesus and get lost in his holy orb.


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