Revisiting The Pages Of History In Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen

“I stand as an emblem of the glorious past: Many a rise and fall of empire, I witnessed, many a blood wrath,Demolished and resurrected many a times myself, Burying the turbulences deep in my heart, I only speak of the glory to you.”

The Christiansborg Palace is located in the island of Slotsholmen also known as the castle island. The existing caste was built in 1982. One half of the palace was redesigned for serving as the Danish Parliament and the other half is dedicated as the Royal Reception Room.

Christiansborg Palace Copenhagen

Christiansborg Palace Copenhagen | Image Resource :

Royal Reception Rooms

Royal Reception Rooms | Image Resource :

The visitors are guided to the Royal Reception Room that is located on the first floor. The numerous beautifully crafted rooms, chambers and halls include the 40 meter long Great Hall housing 17 tapestries demonstrating the 1000 years old Danish history. Apart from this the Tower Room and Throne Room, the Audience Chamber, The Council Room, The Fredencborg Room and the Queen’s Library are open for the visitors until and unless they are being used by the Royal Family.

Throne Room

Throne Room | Image Resource :

An entire day can be spent admiring the architectural marvel and turning the pages of history. The royal thrones that were saved from being burnt in the 1884 fire are seated in the Throne Room. The room opened to the balcony from where the Monarchs addressed the people of Denmark. The 17 handmade tapestries encapsulating the Danish history in the Great hall was gifted to Queen Margrethe by the Danish business community on her 50th birthday.

On the out yard of the palace, you are received by the Royal Show Grounds and the Royal Stables that were established in 1745 and 1746 respectively. Right above the stables is the Court Theatre that dates back to 1766.

The Folketing Chamber

The Folketing Chamber | Image Resource :

A visit to the Christiansborg Palace was invariably an enriching experience. You just stand and admire the architecture and grandeur of the palace. The beautiful tapestry and other preserved artifacts telling tales of the era lost in time cast a spell on you. It is not often that you get to have such a royal rendezvous. We captured the moments as well as the glimpses of the past in the iPad!


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