A Rich Cultural Rendezvous At The National Museum Of Denmark !

My eight year old son is a young and curious learner. After the visit to the church and the Christiansborg palace, he was ever so inquisitive to know more about the place, its history and cultural heritage. My wife was also at the best of her story telling self, narrating each and every thing to my son so that he does not miss any valuable information. So keeping all the inquisitiveness and eagerness for knowledge alive, we embarked on our journey to the National Museum of Denmark.

National Museum Of Denmark

National Museum Of Denmark | Image Resource :

The National Museum of Denmark houses evidences of the historical and cultural heritage of the country. It is the largest museum exhibiting the history of the land as well as its foreign collaborations. It contains artifacts that have rolled into the country from all over the word, right from the Greenland to South America. Apart from this the museum is the sponsor for SILA – The Greenland Research Centre which makes it to be the center for archeological and anthropological research in Greenland.

Apart from archeology, the National Museum also supports research and development in the areas of ethnology, ethnography, numismatics, natural science, communication and conservation, building antiquarian activities in association with the churches of Denmark. It is also responsible for the handling of the Danefæ (the National Treasures).

The museum encapsulates generations of artifacts narrating the evolution of human civilization right from the Ice Age. You get goose-bumps watching the reindeer-hunters. Then you come to the religious artifacts of the Middle Ages. There are coins from the Viking times, Rome and Greece as well. There is a huge collection of coins and currencies from different countries as well. Various artifacts from the ancient days of Greece, Italy and Egypt are also present.

Golden Horns of Gallehus

Golden Horns of Gallehus | Image Resource :

Egtved Girl Coffin

Egtved Girl Coffin | Image Resource :

The extensive exhibit also presents the stories of everyday life and stories of the country right from the years 1560 to 2000. The section on the pre-historic age was recently re-opened. Other notable artifacts include the copies of the Golden horns of Gallehus, Egtved Girl coffin, Gundestrup cauldron, Snoldelev Stone, Kingittorsuaq Runestone, Seikilos epitaph, Trundholm Sun Chariot, Holmegaard bow and Nolder weapons.


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