Fun Unlimited At The Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen!

After all the serious places, finally we visited a place that was of equal interest for our son as well as the two of us. We all geared up to put our hair down at the Tivoli Gardens.

Tivoli Gardens is the famous amusement park in Copenhagen that attracts both the young and the old crowd. It is proximate to the City Hall and the Copenhagen Central Station. Founded in 1843, the amusement park has become a national treasure and a major tourist attraction from people all over the ground. The garden has also played muse for fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen as well as Walt Disney who visited this place very often.

Entrance to Tivoli Gardens

Entrance to Tivoli Gardens | Image Resource :

The best part of Tivoli Garden is that it has something for everyone irrespective of the age bracket they fall under. It is a perfect blend of natural and man-made beauty that includes beautiful architecture of the historic buildings with sprawling greenery all around. The night view provides an ethereal environ when the garden is illuminated with different colorful lights.

The amusement park offers numerous rides that are both traditional ones as well as adrenaline rushing rides like the Vertigo which makes you go topsy-turvy at a 100 km/hr speed. Voted as the best ride in Europe for the year 2014, Vertigo virtually makes you scream your lungs off. At the same time the oldest wooden Roller Coaster is among the nostalgic rides that accounts for a nice experience.

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens | Image Resource :

Tivoli Gardens becomes even more enchanting during the summer and the Easter holidays. The entire park was given an Easter makeover, with special activities for the kids. Apart from this the beautiful floral decorations adds to the beauty of the place.

Apart from the amusement park, the Tivoli Concert Hall hosts a lot of dance shows and performances by some of the finest dancers, musicians and actors on a regular basis. The open air concerts have even seen the likes of Tony Bennet & Lady Gaga performing in Tivoli Gardens.

After enjoying the rides, it was time for us to grab a bite of the traditional Danish delight smorrebrod. Whatever said and done we had a blast at the Tivoli Gardens!


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