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Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen: A Majestic Treat To The Eyes!

Rosenborg castle, located in the King’s Garden in Copenhagen encapsulates within its lofty walls an awesome 400 years of Royal lineage in its artifacts and jewels. The castle was erected by the Scandinavian king Christian IV in early 17th century.

The main attraction in the castle is the Knight’s Hall that preserves the coronation thrones with three life size effigies of lions made in silver. The walls uphold the tales of the battles between Denmark and Sweden woven in beautiful tapestries.

Rosenborg Castle seen from the Castle Gardens

Rosenborg Castle seen from the Castle Gardens | Image Resource :

It is like taking a journey in time. The well preserved rooms along with the entire interior and décor give you a peek into the kingly lifestyle. You can see his private writing room, bathrooms and wax figures of erstwhile royal members.

The castle also houses a collection of Flora Danica and the finest of the Venetian glass collections preserved in tower chambers. The crowns of the kings and queens are preserved in special vaults that are embellished with table-cut stones, enamel and gold.

crowns of the king at Rosenborg Castle

crowns of the king at Rosenborg Castle | Image Resource :

The castle has some of the priceless crown jewels that include a emerald set which as the finest quality emerald, a diamond set, a ruby set and a pearl set. The castle also has sister museum named Analienborg Palace that exhibits the royal heritage from the 19th century till the present times.

The Rosenborg Castle has preserved the portraits of Johan Friedrich Struensee and Queen Caroline Mathilde which unfold the saga of timeless love and betrayal of the beautiful Caroline Mathilde who got married to the insane King Christian 7. She fell in love with the king’s physician Johan Friedrich Struensee. The love story met with a fatal end with Struensee being killed and Caroline exiled to North Germany.

side view of Rosenborg Castle

Side view of Rosenborg Castle | Image Resource :

After all the mark of regality and grandeur, the portraits and the story around them reminded me of the hard reality. All the riches of the world become immaterial in front of love. It is only love that every soul seeks and the touch of true love makes you defy all the rules and turn your back even to the thrones.


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