A Memorable Stay In Lalandia Rodby Resort Denmark

After we landed in Copenhagen airport, we embarked on our journey to the Lalandia Rodby Resort. A three star hotel, it had all the amenities and features that were needed to make it a home away from home.

Lalandia Rodby Resort Denmark

Lalandia Rodby Resort Denmark | Image Resource :

The resort is located in Rodby (Rodbyhavn) which falls within the Maribo Cathedral region. The hotel has 752 rooms for the tourists. As we checked into our room in Landania Rodby Resort Denmark, we were received by a beautifully furnished spacious room, with a kitchen and a private balcony. The kitchen was well appointed with a refrigerator, tea/coffee, stovetop and a dishwasher.

Beautifully furnished spacious Room

Beautifully furnished spacious Room | Image Resource :

The rooms had wireless internet connection and a 20 inch television with satellite channels. My son and my wife were very much excited. After a quick survey of the room, my wife made two mugs of steaming coffee, much needed after the long journey. You know one thing… no matter wherever you are in the world. If you have your wife by the side, you will never miss home. We sat in our private balcony to savor our coffee while checking out the view out of the room.

A game room at Resort

A game room at Resort | Image Resource :

The resort has three swimming pools, a water park, a game room, Gift shops among other amenities. My son and I share one thing in common that is our love for water. Getting to soak ourselves in water, be it a sea beach or just a bathtub, we don’t need anything else. So we took a dip into the swimming pool and let our hair down in the water park splashing water on one another and having a great time.

Playing in the in-house swimming pool

Playing in the in-house swimming pool | Image Resource :

The hotel had three restaurants and a café. After we had a great time playing in the in-house swimming pool, we headed towards the restaurant to enjoy a sumptuous Danish meal. When it comes to eating, again, Bengalis simply go berserk. We love to experiment with food like nobody does!  We offered some open sandwiches and some sausages and roasted veggies to go with it. As we dunk ourselves into the authentic Danish flavors, my wife captured some priceless moments to be uploaded in Facebook!


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