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Kronborg Castle – Visiting Hamlet’s Castle

Kronborg Castle is strategically located between Denmark and Sweden and holds a lot of political as well as historical significance not only for the Danish but also for the entire northern Europe in the 16th-18th century. This Renaissance castle was constructed in 1574 however, the canons of the military architecture bears the mark of late 17th century.

The location of the castle, Elsinore has been immortalized as it serves as the backdrop of the famous Shakespearean play Hamlet. My wife being a literature student went berserk with the very mention of Shakespeare. Even I could not help getting goose bumps. Oh my my! Are we really standing in the place where Hamlet was set in?

Kronborg Castle Denmark

Kronborg Castle Denmark | Image Resource :

History has it that Kronborg castle times back to 1420. It was burned and rebuilt but always maintained its primary position at the head of the Oresund Sound. At the wake of the millennium, in the year 2000, Kronborg Castle was declared to be the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A guided tour into the Kronborg Castle takes you through the length and breadth of the palace. There are paid as well as free guided tours available. Exploring the castle is an exhilarating experience. The castle has the imposing stone statue of Holger the Dane hidden in its belly. The folk lore states that Holger the Dane is a legendary figure who is supposed to be the protector of Denmark. Whenever the country is in trouble, he resurrects from his rock throne to protect the land.

Statue of Holger in Kronborg castle

Statue of Holger in Kronborg castle | Image Resource :

Summers are marked with Danish and other international companies staging Shakespearean plays. These performances also include the Royal Shakespeare Company. All these plays take place at HamletScenen’s Shakespeare Festival at Kronborg Castle.

It was wonderful touring the castle that enthralls us with its royal regality. At the same time the story of the tragic hero Hamlet brings alive the tales of the politics and betrayal within the royal families. As we walked out of the Kronborg castle, the last tourist destination in Denmark on our list of must visit, we were filled with awe and wonder for the heritage castle. Indeed, visit to Denmark would have been incomplete without visiting Kronborg castle.


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