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Frederiksborg Castle – A Visit To A Store House Of Historical Artifacts !

Located on three islets in the castle lake in Hillerod, in North Copenhagen, Frederiksborg castle is yet another store house of the historical artifacts. Surrounded by the beautiful garden, the castle has a Dutch Renaissance style structure which was built by Christian IV in the 17th century.

Frederiksborg Castle houses a huge collection of portraits, historical paintings and modern art that exhibits the history of Denmark. The portraits of Johan Friedrich Struensee and Queen Caroline Mathilde by Jens Juel and other painting by notable artists such as Neils Strobaek, P.S Kroyer, Wilhelm Marstrant and Karel van Mander is a treat to the eyes and soul!

Frederiksborg Castle

Frederiksborg Castle | Image Resource :

The castle was demolished in a fire in 1859. Some of the original artwork and décor is still to be found in the castle. A new section has been opened for the visitors that give a glimpse of the history of the castle and the museum. One of the remains displays the palace chapel that survived the 1859 demolition. It gives us a peek into the reign of Christian IV.

Bath House Palace of King Frederik 2

Bath House Palace of King Frederik 2 | Image Resource :

The beautiful palace garden takes the visitors to the small bath House Palace of King Frederik 2 which is now used by the Royal Family for hunt lunches. This apart the baroque style layout of the garden exhibits some of the royal monograms in the boxwood, some historical flowers and festive cascades. The garden also houses a café which is open in the summers.

Neptune Fountain

Neptune Fountain | Image Resource :

One of the notable features of the castle is the Neptune fountain which was originally designed by Adrien de Vries. Considered to be the castle’s sculptural masterpiece, the fountain stands proud on the front yard of the castle as the emblem of Denmark as a Nordic power leader in early 17th century.

The fountain has the sea God Neptune as a center piece of the enormous fountain which is supposed to depict the powers of the Danish king. The outer basin of the fountain is done up with a piping of sea shells. However, after the demolition of the original fountain in 1659, a copy of it was made by Heinrich Hansen in 1888.


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