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Visit My City And Try Out Some Amazing Things To Do In Kolkata!

Nomaskar! as we greet in Kolkata. I, Shamik Sen, welcome all my readers to my blog. I am a pure Bengali and belong to sweet tooth category! Today, I am going to give you all a glimpse of my joy city, Kolkata. If you have never thought of visiting the city, I am sure you will do so after reading my write-up.

Kolkata – city of pure joy!

If you have been following my blog then you must know how artistic and family oriented man I am. Whenever I get time from my business, I make sure to take my sweet kid Ayushman and family for outing and love spending time with them. And, let me tell you Kolkata is a place where there are loads of entertainment options for people.

Amazing places to visit in Kolkata

Amazing places to visit in Kolkata | Image Resource :

There is no time that you can be bored when you are in this cultural and exciting city as there are many things to do in Kolkata. There are fairs or melas, food festivals and many events held all round the city.

Exciting things to do in Kolkata

Boating in Kolkata is a popular activity which is enjoyed by many people. When the weather is pleasant, just head away to Strand road and enjoy one hour boating ride. You can sail through the calm waters of Ganges and admire the depth and purity. If you want to sail to the other side of the river then speed boat ride can take you to Belur Math. The cost however depends on your choice.

Speed boat ride to belur math

Speed boat ride to belur math | Image Resource :

If you are a gaming fan like me and my kid, then there are plenty of options in Kolkata. To start with, you can try your hands at rifle shooting in Eco Park. It is one of the popular parks of the city filled with various leisure activities. Just 50 bucks and aim high! Gun shooting at Rajarhat is another recreational activity. And lastly, a fund and adventure activity is mind blower water roller, it is simply amazing!

mind blower water roller

Mind blower water roller

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If you think this is all, then no, there are still many things to do. Of late, ziplining in Kriparampur is been loved by many adventure enthusiasts. You can fly (connected though) smoothly and have a unique experience.

ziplining in Kriparampur

Ziplining in Kriparampur | Image Resource :

I am sure you are willing to come to my visit, please do come and have a great time here!


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